Where can an American guy (or gal) find really good live folk music in Seattle, WA?

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So you're looking for some really good live folk music. Where should you go, you ask? That depends. Do you want to imbibe in your folk tunage over a warm and toasty cuppa? Or would you rather "folk-rock" out headbanger style; perhaps sipping on something more along the lines of a scotch whiskey? . . . Perhaps?

Either way, you're in luck! Seattle has virtually hundreds of live folk music venues, from the teeny tiny mom and pop open mic nights, to the rough and rowdy Irish Pubs and late night music venues. No matter what mood you're in, Seattle has something to offer. Read on to discover some of my favorites:

Mellow coffee shop vibe:

Pegasus Coffee House - Sure you have to fork out the ferry ride fee, but it's well worth the $7 to experience the city's rustic charm, not to mention the scenic ferry ride itself. Pegasus Coffee House hosts live music Fridays and Saturdays (free!) and has a delicious array of homespun baked goods, coffee, beer and wine beverages to choose from. Plus the ferry ride back to Seattle is free, how 'bout that?

The Gypsy Java Cafe - Located just on the edge of the cute and trendy Seattle neighborhood of Wallingford, The Gypsy Jave Cafe serves beer, wine, daily sandwich specials and a dose of live folk music to boot! Live music typically takes place Fridays and Saturdays with a free weekly music workshop Wednesdays.

Rockin' late night venues:

Conor Byrne - Ballard is jam-packed with live music options but in this Seattle neighborhood, it's Conor Byrne that gets the numero uno rank in my eyes. Why? They choose quality acts (with emphasis on folk and bluegrass), the sound is phenomenal, the staff is friendly and fun AND they host live music 5-7 nights a week! Your $7 average cover will go directly to the bands, helping to ensure that live folk music will indeed, live on.

Owl N' Thistle - Something about Irish Pubs and live folk music; they seem to go hand-in-hand. Located in the historic Pioneer Square downtown district of Seattle, the Owl N' Thistle Irish Pub & Restaurant hosts live music 3-4 nights a week, usually free of charge, and offers delicious traditional Irish fare from Shepherd's Pie to Fish and Chips and everything in between. Hint-hint: here's where you can go to get that scotch whiskey! ;)

Steppin' out in style:

Columbia City Theater - Boasting one of the most beautiful settings for live music and performances, the 300 capacity theater offers live music Thursdays - Saturdays with bigger folk acts such as The Fleet Foxes, Head and the Heart and Sera Cahoone having previously made appearances. Tickets average $10, but if you're on a shoestring budget, have no fear! High Life is here! Pitchers are just $5. You're good to go.

Edmonds Center for the Arts - Aiming to provide a varied selection of performing artist from around the world, catering to both young and old, the Edmonds Center for the Arts is just a short jaunt north of downtown Seattle and offers live performances of many genres tailoring to both young and old, and everything in between. Live folk music performances vary. View website for full calendar and list of dates.

Hopefully you've found a nugget of useful information out of this list of live folk music venue recommendations. Now get out there and get yer folk on!

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