Are there any Seattle road closures today?

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Life In The Slow Lane: The Story of Lee the Horse Logger

An unhurried commuter will offer a distraction and cause some traffic on Washington freeways as he “drives” his horse drawn cart on the highway. At a steady 3 miles per house Lee the Horse Logger has already commuted through Olympia and is now heading to Yelm using SR 510. Over the next few weeks he plans on traveling on SR 507 and north on SR 7 until he decides to use city streets. His aim is to get to Seattle and then Redmond.

There will not be any Seattle road closures today; however WSDOT crews will be escorting Lee and his horses to help keep motorists safe. The speed of the horse-drawn cart is so slow that it could offer a distraction to motorists. An old law, RCW 46.61.025, states that animal drawn vehicles are considered legal vehicles and may travel as such.

Lee hit the road back in 2006 with his 2 horses and 2 dogs after being diagnosed with lymphoma. His mission was to live life to the fullest and visit his childhood sweetheart in Boston, Massachusetts.

With only $75 and two weeks worth of food, Lee started his journey in East Glacier, Montana. Thanks to good Samaritans’ donations along the way, he has been able to keep going for much longer. Lee made it to his childhood sweetheart and continued on. Lee travels about 100 miles a week, sleeping in his homemade wagon, which he refers to as his “mini-barn”.

Lee got the idea to travel by horse in the first place because he grew up doing it. Lee says “my earliest memories include cutting firewood with my family in upstate New York, riding critters, driving ponies, being in the woods, running chainsaws (dad bought me my first saw when I was 13), cutting firewood by myself, planting trees, gardening, wandering in the woods, cross country skiing, learning to run heavy equipment, high school, then college.” Lee then spent the next 22 years “undoing his formal education” and working hard to get out of poverty. He then said that he has “received the gift of cancer” and is now “continuing the path of learning, letting the ranch go, falling in love with my first, and only, childhood sweetheart, beginning the journey to see her in New England, and loving life.”

Lee accepts donations in the form of supplies and money left and right, however he never asks for help. Lee says “many people want to donate because this is something that they have always wanted to do, so people like to help me out. I could not be more grateful.”

Lee has been the origin of some major traffic jams, but he does not plan on causing any Seattle road closures in the near future. However, despite the many traffic jams that Lee causes, he has acquired many followers through his travels. He has over 250,000 views on his webpage and 571 “friends” on Facebook. Lee says of his online outreach “I am just one person and there are many of you who have befriended me. This is the best way for me to keep everyone updated and make sure no one gets left out.”

If you would like to follow Lee on his journey or make a donation while he is in Seattle, you can find his latest news and contact information at

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