What are some really good cocktail bars in Seattle?

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Whether you're in the area for just a few days, or are someone who's just recently relocated, we have a massive collection of bars to choose from here in Seattle. It can certainly be overwhelming: the bars in Seattle aren't limited to just what you may be used to elsewhere. Here, we have cocktail bars, whiskey bars, gin bars, classic bars, and even some theme bars; the right place to spend your afternoon almost always starts with what kind of experience you're looking for, and what kind of people you like to converse with.

Cocktail bars in particular have enjoyed a strong upsurge in popularity here, especially in the last several years. You have many new bars in Seattle opening on a year to year basis, and the crowds there are usually young, professional, and eager to meet new people and friends. If you're looking for a new bar to check out, my best recommendation is the Zig Zag Cafe. Located in the Pike Place market, Zig Zag attracts a clientele of cool, young, chic people, and produces some of the greatest interpretations of cocktails anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, be they classic, or created wholecloth just a few moments before you walked in the door.

Maybe you're not looking for that, though. If you aren't looking for cocktails, here in Seattle you also have the option of bars dedicated to a particular spirit. We have several great Whisk(e)y bars, and a more than a few gin bars; these are places that become like home to their patrons, and are definitely the place to go if you're looking for an older, more 'rough around the edges' crowd. One such bar in Belltown is, aptly named, The Whiskey Bar. With a massive selection of bourbons, ryes, and even Canadian blends behind the bar, the guys (and gals) here know exactly how to hit the perfect spot in your palette with every single pour. You feel like an old friend stopping by to visit every time that you sit, and the bar itself has a homey, old-school sort of feel.

Whatever you want out of a bar, Seattle has something, somewhere to fit exactly what you're after. Whether it be a hip, new-school cocktail bar, frequented by employees of Amazon, Google, and the rest of the tech companies here, or you're looking for a single spirit bar that stands the test of time, doesn't fall prey to trends, and sticks to what works, Seattle has it. More than anything else, don't be afraid to look around here: if you're from somewhere else, you might be delighted to find that the people up here are nice, friendly, and more than happy to recommend their own favorite place to someone looking for a watering hole. That's the way you come across the best places: so often it isn't Yelp, or a Google search, but talking to a new friend you meet at the bus stop, library, or even another, much worse, bar. And, as always, be safe: Seattle is very friendly to preventing people from driving drunk, and you can use new technology like Uber cars to get home after a great night on the town.

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