Does the elusive Seattle Fremont Troll exist?

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Does the elusive Seattle Fremont Troll exist? Being a resident of Seattle and the surrounding area doesn't make the troll any less elusive than it is to tourists. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who will claim to have seen it and any story of the Fremont troll is accepted as lore. However, if you want to embark on an amusing treasure hunt (which may or may not result in finding the troll that may or may not exist), there are many people willing to aid you on your journey.

You'll want to start in Fremont, go figure. Fremont is a neighborhood of Seattle with exceptionally cool shops, organic, vegan and vegetarian restaurants, tons of coffee shops, bakeries and so much more. It's where the hippies reside and backyard gardens have run-amok, leaving you feeling as though you've stepped back into the seventies or have found yourself where the lines of city and country blur into space and urge you to reach out and grab a tomato.

Here's the key to searching for the troll: The hunt is the reward. Do NOT use your GPS to help you navigate. Your eyes probably just got all wide and the hair on the back of your neck stood up didn't it? No GPS.

The next thing you need to do is ask around and inquire about the troll from residents you may run across in shops, the coffee place, pedestrians, etc. They all know how to play the game and will not mislead you. Bring a camera. You will have many photo opportunities on your journey (that may or may not include a troll.) Since your trip will seem to span time and space without boundary, do not be alarmed if you run into Lenin, or a cement statue with an eerie resemblance. Fremont is full of art. Some are statuary, some are painted and some are alive and walking around. The motto of Fremont residents is "De Libertas Quirkas" or simply, " Freedom to be Peculiar."

Will there be signs along the way? Of course! With signs that read "Set your watch back 5 minutes" and "Throw your watch away", along with a welcome sign that reads "Welcome to the center of the Universe", you might leave Fremont saying to yourself, "what a long, strange trip it's been."

To add more interest to your search, try it in mid to late June and you may catch a glimpse of the Summer Solstice and parade, where the nude summer cyclists are center stage. If you want some music to listen to on your pilgrimage, try some Nirvana whose first demos were cut right in Fremont.

You will have a need for sustenance and must stop to refuel. Try some Caribbean at Paseo or Dish for vegetarian fare. On Saturday, go to the market for fresh fruits, veggies, local honey and cheese.

The answer to the question "does the Seattle Fremont Troll exist?" is "Maybe", long, long ago in a land far away.

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