What are some things to do for teens in Seattle?

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Seattle, Washington is a town with its own distinct culture and rich landscape unique and different from other major cities. From famous monuments like the Space Needle--a signature landmark of Seattle--to its underground rock culture, it's hard to not find something appealing about Seattle.

Teens in Seattle can experience what Seattle has to offer; teens may especially find Seattle's culture appealing because it has so many opportunities for them to develop their unique individuality. Moreover, teens traveling to this distinct area provides recreation for teens, giving them a new found appreciation for art, culture and traditional history through activities that cater to their specific interests.

Tourist Attractions

Seattle's most recognizable landmark is the Space Needle--a welcoming attraction that many teens may find exceptionally thrilling. Buzzing streets and cargo ships can be viewed from atop as visitors are transported via glass elevator which shoots up 520 feet to the needle's observation deck. Its 360-degree view of the city encompasses a spectacular view of Seattle's landscapes and snow-capped mountains.

Moreover, the needle is interactive just as it is scenic; with mounted telescopes and information displays, teens can take away informative knowledge on the Space Needle's mechanics. Back on ground level, teens can shop the gift store or experience a revolutionary dining experience at the Sky City Cafe.

Arts and Recreation

Teens in Seattle can stimulate their artistic side by participating in clubs through Seattle’s Teen Tix Center, which specializes in fun teen activities; teen writing seminars and theater productions. Teen Tix is ideal for youth ages 13 to 18 as its membership also provides special rates on tickets to concerts in the park, community film screenings, and theatrical venues around town.

Parks and Recreation

Seattle Parks and Recreation focuses on teen empowerment through its year-round art and outdoor recreation programs that promote teen self-esteem and cultural awareness. The Bitter Lake Community Center, Green Lake Community Center and Rainer Beach Community Centers are among the many parks that schedule weekly community parties, art-based workshops, teach athletic sessions in basketball, martial arts and volleyball and host late-night programs that focus on mentoring and tutoring for at-risk youth.

Summer Camps

When school is out of session and teens need something to keep them entertained, The University of Washington at Seattle iD Tech Camp--geared toward ages 13 through 18--offers both co-ed overnight and day camp programs that teach seminars on computer animation, video gaming development and filmmaking. The camp is not just an indoor facility that caters to computer-instruction all day—it also keeps teens active through

recreational activities, including basketball, swimming and an on site fitness center. The Boys & Girls Clubs of King County and Seattle YMCA also feature a wide array of summer camp outdoor activities.


For older teens wanting to experience Seattle’s vibrant downtown nightlife scene, Club 313 features the best of old and new school, hip-hop, punk and rock music. Teens can dance all night at this 18 and older club that also features live deejays, guest concerts and weekly bashes hosted by Seattle’s premier promotional teams.

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